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“Wow! That was quick and painless!  Thank you for the offer and for making this happen.  Please keep in touch and show me the remodeled house when it is finished.”

~ Randall Schwabacher

“My father passed away and his home had been sitting vacant for over a year until my siblings and I were ready to sell it.  By that time, it had been severely vandalized.  The windows were broken out, the copper water lines were cut out and stolen.  The central air conditioner had been stolen.  It was a total mess and the closest sibling lived over 300 miles away.  Fortunately, Ryan was able to buy it as-is.  I never even met him face to face but he did everything he said he would.   Selling it to him saved us a ton of work, travel, and stress!”

~ Sue Clayton

“Ryan purchased an 8-unit apartment building I needed to sell.  We closed and I had my check from the title company in under 3 weeks.  The process was quick and convenient.  It was the easiest sale I’ve ever had.

~ Juan Guardia

“We moved and our house had been vacant for over 2 years.  We had it listed with multiple realtors during that time and we tried to sell it ourselves but nothing worked.  After 2 years of trying to sell our house, we sold it to Sell My TX House Now in less than 3 weeks.  The title company sent a notary so we didn’t even have to leave our home to sign the paperwork!  We are thankful to finally be done with all of this.  Ryan was professional and responsive from start to finish.”

~ Garth Orgis

“My last tenants left my rental house in really bad shape.  I was in the process of getting estimates to fix and remodel the house so that I could sell it.  Ryan contacted me and ended up buying my property as-is with an all-cash offer.  I wasn’t looking forward to managing all the repairs and remodel work and having to deal with contractors.  I am so glad I didn’t have to!”

~ Nolan Wood

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